Are you behaving like a purpose driven leader?

The following survey is intended to gauge the extent to which you are behaving like a champion of Purpose. Many of the questions assume that you have a basic understanding of the Purpose of your organization. If you do not have a Purpose, we suggest you work on identifying what your Purpose is and then come back to this survey when you’ve begun to lead with Purpose on a regular basis.

If you answered “yes” to 6 or more questions, congratulations, you have the DNA of a Purpose driven leader.   You believe in your purpose and are willing to do what it takes to support it.  You align your workforce around the Purpose and give people a clear sense of what they’re ultimately fighting for.  You’ve made it a personal responsibility to carry the torch of Purpose and you inspire others with that Purpose instead of sheer personality.  Your leadership is a key ingredient to building a successful purpose-driven organization.

If you answered “yes” to 3-5 questions, you’ve probably got some issues around truly embracing your Purpose.  Try to identify the barriers to leading on Purpose that may exist within your organization.  Is there a lack of belief in or alignment around the Core Purpose of the organization?   Do you have your own doubts about the viability of Purpose over profits?  Are there competing agendas that stand in the way of recruiting the talents and energies of the organization toward fulfillment of the Purpose?  Does your calendar have all of your time and energy channeled toward general management activities?   Find the roadblocks. Tear them down. And commit yourself to leading on Purpose in ALL of the ways that we’ve identified. 

If you answered “yes” to only a few questions, you may need to really evaluate how you are spending your time, energy and talent.  Review the questions pertaining to Purpose that were outlined above.  It may just be that you really don’t know what the true Purpose of your organization is yet.  If you’re spending all of your time on strategy and execution and none on Purpose and Values, you may need to seriously re-balance what’s on your “to do” list.   

If you think you may need help becoming a Purpose driven leader, we’ve got executive coaching and training partners that can help.  Please contact us to discuss how to approach increasing the level of purpose driven leadership in your organization.

To gauge the extent to which Purpose is being brought to life in your branding and communicated to all of your stakeholders, take SURVEY IV:  PURPOSE BASED BRANDING