What you appreciate, appreciates.

Helen Keller

The word Appreciation is a fascinating little word because it has four distinct meanings that all happen to relate to and support one another. To appreciate can mean: To be fully conscious of To hold in high regard To be grateful for To increase  In order for what you appreciate, to appreciate you have to (1) open […]

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 Forget what’s wrong. Ask what’s right?


There seems to be a natural human tendency to be preoccupied with what’s wrong.  I think the intention is often good—let’s get to the heart of the problem so we can fix it.   So we ask:  What’s wrong with a situation? What’s wrong with this organization?  With this child?  With this country?  But personal fulfillment, higher performance […]

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 Increasing Your Purpose Ratio


On any given day, you’re going to feel a certain amount of negative emotions (disappointment, sadness, anger, anxiety) and a certain amount of positive emotions (joy, excitement, love, hope). Positive Psychologist, Barbara Fredrickson, calls this the Positivity Ratio. Most people go through life with a kind of 1:1 balanced ratio. When you ask them, ‘how’s […]

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